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Ferry Building Farmers Market Only On Saturday-Profiling This Amazing “Tourist Trap”

Tourist Trap

“Stupendous” can be interpreted as extremely impressive, simply incredible or should I say “awe-inspiring,” all these are positive perceptions. In any case, seeing as some things are too good not to be known, I thought I should take this chance to shine some light on this stupendous and exuberant market- the Ferry Building Farmers Market (FBFM), San Francisco.

This market bustles with visitors especially on Saturday looking for the freshest and exceptional food items amongst other produces. Vendors offer different varieties of seafood caught from the bay. Gourmet pasta, chocolates, artisan cheese, jam and jellies, organic produces including hydroponics organic fruits and vegetables, and other scrumptious treats can likewise be found here.

In this market, you can enjoy bay side lunch with your friends and family at one of the many outstanding eateries. You can also choose to peruse through an expansive selection of stalls and stands for local farm produce that is always available in plenty at this farmers’ market on Saturday. The market has become what I like to term as a “tourist trap” especially on the said Saturdays-its best market days.

Well, it is a fact that sometimes we forget all the fantastic places we have right in our backyard. Nevertheless, here is a reality especially for San Franciscans, the Ferry Building Farmers Market appeals to people from all walks of life. The young, old, rich, poor, food purveyors, lovers of organic produce and tourists, from the inexpensive cones of assorted meats to a delightful measure of natural smoothie. You will appreciate sampling the various treats offered by the friendly vendors in this market.

During my visit at the market, I was amazed by the vast array of fresh fruits and vegetables at this market, being a smoothie lover myself, you would expect this to be one of my highlights. There is this particular stand that caught my eye which was holding an exhibit on the most proficient method to make a smoothie with blender.

What enthralled me the most, was the fact that fruits and vegetables that the vendor was using for this demo were from his organic farm. “How amazing!” I thought, “If only I had such a farm or had someone like him as my neighbor, what would my smoothies be like?” Well, my wishes are attributable to the fact that I come from a place where organic fruits and vegetables are as “scarce as hen’s teeth.”

Although fast-paced, the Ferry Building Farmers Market is simply a delight. Tucked away on the embarcadero, the market which surrounds the Ferry Building opens on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 2 pm for the small markets, but the big market on Saturdays begins from 8 am to 2 pm. It is managed by CUESA (the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture), a non-profit organization dedicated to educate urban consumers about suitable agriculture and to create links between consumers and local farmers.

The Saturday market I won’t lie is usually busy and bustling with people and various activities. So if you want to have the best of the Ferry Building farmers market only on Saturday, get there by 10 am or after 1 pm. There are stalls and stands with vendors showcasing their products ranging from fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, spices, meat, seafood, and stands for baking and other food preparation demonstrations. On my Saturday visit, I was only able to perform a brief tour of this market, but with the overwhelming experience I had, you can count on my return for the same exact experience and maybe more!

As I already mentioned, my highlight of the day was that fantastic farmer at the smoothie exhibit. He had a unique personality and shared the same hospitality and love for smoothies as I do. He made me and most of those that visited his stand feel good and appreciated.

So if you are in or around the Embarcadero district of San Francisco and are looking for a spot to visit this weekend, the Ferry building farmers market would make for an exciting destination.  Here you will get to explore different cuisines, cultural events, and food. It is just a lot of fun being at the FBFM.

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