What To See in San Francisco
What To See in San Francisco Bay Area
3rd September 2017

Top Ten Best Cities for Single Men

Best Cities for Single Men

You feel tired because you quarrel with your lover and in the end become a break up with your partner?

You who is finally a single or who is single for a long time (never dating at all) eager to spend your time on vacations out of town or abroad, and you want to find someone else and your true soulmate in somewhere?

You do not need to worry because not all the holidays are done together with your partner like a honeymoon. All of these unique places have a perfect back porch for every holiday filled with culture, delicious food along with some tasty cocktails.

The cities listed below are not just for couples who will be on vacation or on their honeymoon. For those of you who are single or love a solo trip and to find a life partner, these cities should be visited and prepare to pack your things to start a solo vacation.

San Francisco, California is the best cities for single men

San Francisco is really a paradisiacal city for the outdoors who is looking for love. Locals object to hills – you can walk on foot, cycling while sightseeing the city parks. While you cycling around Mount Tamalpais you will find other cyclists or even you can meet beautiful ladies  or guys around there.

After you spent your time on the mountain all day, remember cocktails at the sexy and inspired Caribbean tiki bar at Smugglers Cove or even trendy Bourkins and Branchquots.

Miami, Florida

During the day, the beautiful girls of Miami are ready sunbathing on the beach with a small bikini. Start covnersation with them about the city’s art-deco architecture or an exciting gallery in Miami if you got lucky.

Dress for a night out around town in South Beach, meaning no flip-flops, athletic shoes or shorts. You need some style not just to impress a potential partner, but more to the point to pass the crowd before you enjoy flirting, drink mojitos and late-night delights at Mynt or Mansion.

New York City

Singles at The Big Apple have endless choices when looking for romance. Bring extra large blankets, thermos coffee and extra mugs to Great Lawn in Central Park.

 In the evenings, plan an informal first date at a gourmet restaurant and a Pulino Bar & Pizzeria or even a Shake Shack. You’ll probably spend the saved money every night around town in Ballrooms at Hotel Jane or even Kenmare at 98 Kenmare Street.

Melbourne, Australia

Single artists can read works of art and may even search for a muse at Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria. If you do not find a lover at the NGV Art at Night show, do not be sad. Walk to St. Bohemian Kilda, or get a tab in Lentil as Anything, a vegetarian restaurant where you charge a meal. Then sit on the comfortable sofas, with plenty of space for two, at the Melbourne Supper Club.

Tokyo, Japan

A single traveller who likes rich cultures country is highly recommended to Japan. Convenience to the city with trips to popular hideouts for locals and visitors – gardens at Imperial Palace.

After a walk with a peaceful environment or maybe riding a bike around a quiet alley, you are ready to spend the night around town. Try dinner at Ginza Kyubey where you can meet some celebrities. Still, have not found someone special? Have fun singing at Smash Hits, the popular local karaoke bar.

Madrid, Spain

You will have many possibilities to watch the match in Madrid this energetic city. A single fashionista can find a partner to help carry goods along Grand Via. Then take a nap because you will need the power to make a debauchery at night.

Start with tapas at Estado Puro at NH Paseo del Prado Hotel. The nightlife scene accumulates after 11 and rocks before sunrise at clubs such as Moma56 in Jos Abascal, 56 and Painting the Monkey.

London, United Kingdom

Women will surely be in love with a man who has an accent like the British. Without choosing it for you, you may still pretend the asylum applicant’s negligence follows grocery shopping on London’s tony Regent Street.

Bring your new style to a hip gallery in a city like the Serpentine Gallery or Saatchi Gallery where one can talk about contemporary art and play around with using local artists. Everything is set in North East London with amazing jazz in the Vortex or indie movie in Rio Cinema.

Cape Town, Nigeria

Wear your swimsuit and spend your day adventuring from the beautiful beaches of Cape Town. Look out for your solo sunbathing partner in the stylish St Yves Beach Club, which makes you move.

 You have to attack here; maybe you can get some suggestions to find a spouse of existence in a resident penguin colony in Boulders Beach. Beat the sand from your socks, and explore the city center with galleries, shopping malls and popular clubs like Fez.

If you are confused about starting a conversation with someone, football is the right topic because Cape Town is the location of the FIFA World Cup this year.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires has a vibrant and energetic cultural exhibition. Before you set out to find your dance partner, your entrails and among the city’s legendary gigantic steakhouse in the classic La Cabrera neighborhood of Palermo Soho. Some parts of Malbec are beautifully paired so steak can inspire you every time you enter this passionate club in the city, including Voodoo Motel & Kika.

Sydney, Australia

Different options are to lazing around on the beach or flirting someone on the beach while trying to surf stand-up paddles. If your seduction does not work, look for a rare vinyl together with a cute music lover in an exciting music store in the Title Music town of Surry Hillsides.

If want to find music fans lover, go to dinner at the Opera Garden where one can compare mp3 playlists and view the city skyline from Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge.

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