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3rd September 2017
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12th October 2017

Best Things to See and to Do in The Excelsior San Francisco

Excelsior Neighborhood San Francisco

What’s on your mind when thinking about San Francisco? The first thing you think about is America and California but have you ever thought of a part of San Francisco that is Excelsior?

Well, let’s see for a moment what is in this unique district. From the city’s largest sights in San Francisco to unique local culinary, in a community of diversity and history in stunning street art, there must be a lot of fun.

San Fransisco presents among the earliest neighbourhoods of the Excelsior district. As we call it from the beginning, the Excelsior was founded about hundreds of years ago in 1869, the suburb of the California is the most distinct neighborhood in San Francisco.

Starting from the rich history and life of the people. Now, let’s start exploring what some great things you can only find in San Francisco.

Midnight Snacks at Taqueria Guadalajara

Hungry at midnight and want to eat Mexican food? Taqueria Guadalajara from Excelsior is one place in San Francisco where authentic Mexican food can be found.

The owner offers two different options: you can eat on the spot or via delivery. They always provide a basket of chips with every order. A sweet orange juice is provided for you, as are salsas.

 The best thing about this place is open till 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays is suitable for you who want to find a midnight snack.

Start Your Morning at Good Orchard Bakery

Residents at Excelsior usually start their day earlier at 6 am. How to start the day usually is to drink a cup of coffee or tea with traditional raisin bread from Good Orchard Bakery, where the price is affordable, and the service is guaranteed fast.

One of the best shu mai to be found is in this little bakery, and you do not have to go all the way to Chinatown. Their famous sponge cake is so tender and sweet that you have to get it fast or within 5 minutes the cake will run out – now you will know how delicious they are.

Walking in John McLaren Park

Including the second largest park in town, John McLaren Park is a beautiful hidden jewel of San Francisco. This is an ideal park for picnics, hiking or a walk. The park has play facilities for children and two tennis and basketball courts, suitable for playing and exercising. As well as the splendid beauty of the lake to spoil your eyes.

In the northeast of the park, there is Yosemite Marsh, which is considered a natural resource area in the city. Stunning landscapes and natural gardens are perfect for making documentation.

Hunting New Furnitures at Flea Market

San Francisco has many antique stores around the city. However, the easiest way to find free and authentic items for decorating your apartment is to find it around the street.

From its name we have to hunt or search for the items we are looking for around the market, finding free furniture, artwork, hardware, or there are times when you can help make a convenient item. They said: ‘You have not been to Francisco if you have not graced your apartment by using the items you found on the streets around.

Explore New Books at Steven’s Books

Includes a large bookstore in the area, with a section of books that dance for children to read. It’s amazing to find many books in this store that we can not find somewhere. The shop owner was very friendly. If the book you’re looking for can not be found in the store, make sure you ask the owner, and that he’ll be happy to order it for you personally.

Steven’s book always updates their book so you’ll find a new book each month which includes interesting news for every book lover.

Excelsior Murals at Excelsior Neighborhood San Francisco, Right Place for Art Lovers

In the center of the neighbourhood, it’s not hard to see the famous Excelsior Murals in buildings, schools or parks. The talented artist, who perfectly captures the dynamics of the surrounding environment, represents the dynamic ethnic variety of the place.

One of the most notable paintings – Excelsior Portal – which is a combination of 200 domestic workers and students from the Excelsior District school. It can be found on the bridge over Highway 280 and Alemany Boulevard. The further you walk, the more you find.

See Beautiful Sunset at The Blue Tower Of Excelsior

This giant tower can be seen in John McLaren Park Park, and it captures stunning city views. It is also acknowledged as La Grande Tank, which also serves as water for drinking and fire protection. If you go out at evening, many people come to the tower to enjoy the sunset and views of the city.

Morning is the best time to go there while the city is still not crowded because you have a wonderful opportunity to watch it and have a saturated thinking.

Eat Salvadorian Foods at Pupuseria Metapan

The comfortable family Salvadorian restaurant has a variety of traditional Salvador cuisine. The famous Metapol Doll is valued at only $2, so if you crave a puppy, this is the right place to go. The service quality is fast and dependable, and the traditional music makes you feel like in El Salvador.

There are interesting facts, many teenagers who go there to try to challenge each other by eating how many pupusas they can. And another fact, Salvador’s chicken soup is the best medicine for colds.

Spending Your Nightlife at The BrokenRecord

Some say that the nightlife in Excelsior is very dull. If you think so, come to the Broken Record which has a large terrace, lunch all day on Sunday, and PBR and bingo nonstop on Tuesdays.

This is certainly not a typical bar in general, but you are strongly encouraged to go there with friends to enjoy drinks and foods while listening to good nostalgic music. The Broken Record can be paid in cash.

Last but not least, Explore, Explore and Explore

Lastly, the environment of this city always offers something. Just by walking, you can find a new store with fresh food, or you can accidentally meet with street musicians.

Travel the world while jumping from Persia Avenue to France Avenue, and then to Italy, Lisbon, until Munich; The miniature world within 3.5 km will always find a way to amaze its inhabitants. Every street and store is a reminder of Excelsior’s rich history of the beauty of the city.

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